STARFLEET International

The 2022 Virtual International Conference is being brought to you by volunteers from throughout the fleet, and we're looking for a few more to help moderate the different chats and our Gather town. You can apply to be a part of our moderator staff by filling out the google form linked below.


Q: What is exactly will I be expected to do?

A: You will sit in one of our live stream chats and monitor it for any inappropriate content - this includes bullying or harassment, obscene language, or spamming the chat. When you see something inappropriate, you report it to us so we can take action.


Q: How long will I have to do this for?

A: You can sign up on our form for hour long increments. You can sign up for multiple hours, and are allowed to complete the form more than once to sign up for multiple channels. We do ask that you only commit to a time slot if you're confident you will be available.


Q: What about the moderation for Gather?

A: We would like a collection of people to be present in Gather for other users to report potential issues with. There will be no chat, and screen sharing will be disabled by default, but we would like to have people positioned in the main rooms available to field any concerns. If something arises, you will report it to us so that we can take appropriate actions.


Q: How do I sign up again?

A: You simply fill out the form located here, and someone will contact you with more information, including your scheduled times and platform.


For more information, contact BGN David Ferber at [email protected].