Our goal is to provide each member of STARFLEET with a one-on-one experience, by allowing them to take on the persona of an elite STARFLEET Special Operations Operative.

From the Commander
STARFLEET Special Operations

Welcome to the STARFLEET Special Operations also referred to as SFSO.

I hope you are ready for both the fun and work of being an Operative in this exciting auxiliary of STARFLEET.  Operatives are the strength and the quality of STARFLEET Special Operatives and we are happy to have you, along with your talents and enthusiasm, among our ranks. 

We will continue to grow and get better with occasional changes that may be needed to make your experience in SFSO even better.  As with all Changes, they may be something you may not like at first, however, they are solely intended to make your experience as a Special Operations Operative more enjoyable. 

Anyone who is interested in our part of the Star Trek universe is welcome to come take a look, ask questions and learn about STARFLEET Special Operations and MACO.  The doors of the SFSO Command Staff are always open. 

As the Commander, STARFLEET Special Operations, I personally invite you to come and enjoy, but please remember we all need to work together in order to experience the fun. 

Denise Rush, RADM
Commander, STARFLEET Special Operations