Where Art Becomes An ArtVenture

An innovative ARTventure for anyone 12 and above.

On shore leave this weekend?

The ArtVenturers is a perfect fit for STARFLEET members.

Find out how to earn badges and level up your character as you complete missions and create art.

Come save the world, one art piece at a time. No experience necessary. All skill levels welcomed.

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WHAT is this?

It IS:

  • an exploration of the world, both human and natural
  • an epic, world-building, on-going adventure
  • a game with badges, levels and rewards
  • art projects that engage imagination and creativity
  • accessible to all art skill levels
  • available 24/7

It is NOT:

  • an How-To-Draw Course
  • a school type curriculum

The ArtVenturers (TM) is an Art-Centered, Story-Driven World Exploration!
Following a story, we explore the world then uses that exploration as a springboard to create ART.

What Makes The ArtVenturers Unique?

ArtVenturers are not merely "taking a class". They are joining a community of fellow artists in an evolving, world building saga

Each expedition builds onto the previous in artistic skills, knowledge and story. Characters a hero meets now might show up in a future expedition. Clues and artifacts uncovered in one expedition might become significant further down the road. Becoming the Hero of the story, each unravels mysteries, completes missions and creates art, all the while earning points to level-up their character and gain experience.

The ArtVenturers(TM) is an exploration of human culture throughout history, seen through the lenses of the visual arts. Together we explore artists, art movements and art techniques, but also cultures, people, traditions, geography, the natural world and so much more, all becoming a springboard for our creativity and imagination.

The richness of humanity's history and diversity and this incredible planet we live on is so vast, there is no limit to our exploration.

ArtVenturers are guided by an instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience and working with kids.