This years auction will be held online, proceeds will go to support SFI Scholarships.

Auction Donation Information

We raised $2,985.30 from the auction (plus another $650 in donations) for STARFLEET Scholarships.  Winners will be forwarded an online invoice that will include shipping in the next few days.  You'll be able to pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

The VIC committee would like to express their deep appreciation to everyone who donates items for the charity auction.

This year’s International Conference funds will be directed to the STARFLEET scholarship program. Since 1990, STARFLEET awards scholarships to post-secondary students who have been a member for a year of up to $1,000 and it should be noted that these scholarships are open to members across the globe. The hope this year is to support many students – with an emphasis on STEM Education.

Every donation brings us closer to this goal and helps students in our worldwide community. We hope that you will bid (often)...knowing that every dollar will go to supporting a student as they journey forward.


We will be using HiBid to run our charity auction.  I recommend creating an account with HiBid before the auction date so you are ready to win your favourite items. Each item has a title, description, picture(s), and a starting bid.  You can see the time remaining to bit (note that our actuation works just like a live auction, in that if people are bidding at the last moment the auctioneer will allow extra time for more bids), the number of bids, and the current bid value.  Bidding will have a set minimum increase that will be more as the price goes up (for example something that’s $25 may only require a $1 bid increment whereas something that’s $100 may require a $5 increment).


Q. How does an online auction work vs an in-person auction, is it like eBay auctions?
A. Our charity auction will work very much like a live auction.  Once the auction opens up you will have to register to participate.

  • You can then bid any amount on any item and just like a live auction if you bid $100 on an item that's at $25 the bid will go right to $100.
  • There will be minimum bid increments based on what the current bid is at, for example, you may need to bid $1 or $5 more than the current bid depending if the bid is at $10 or $100.
  • The auction will continue allowing bids until there are no more bids, no last-second sniper bids.
  • You are responsible for all winning bids placed and shipping of items you win.
  • Unlike eBay auctions, there will be no proxy bids (where you enter what your maximum is and the system bids for you), the auction will also have a soft close, meaning if people are still willing to bid their bids will be accepted past the closing time until no one bids.
  • This is a charity auction so we are hoping to raise a lot of money for STARFLEET Scholarships with your participation.

Q. How do I register for the auction?
A. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a "Login / New Bigger" link under the ABOUT HIBID tab.

Q. Does the money raised from the auction go to a charity?
A. Yes, all proceeds from the auction will be donated to SFI Scholarships.  You can see more about this on our Charities Page.

Q. Do you need a credit card to bid in the Auction?
A. No, winning bids will receive a PayPal invoice that you can pay with your credit card or your connected bank account.

Q. Will there be taxes and shipping fees added to the winning bid.
A. Yes the winner pays all fees to their location.