The SFI VIC is committed to providing website access to visitors who speak other languages or need help viewing the VIC website.


STARFLEET VIC is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for all the people who are interested in the 2022 VIC. We are inspired by Star Trek's portrayal of a universe where barriers like language are solved with the universal translator.  As a group, we respect that everyone has a right to participate.

Accessibility Plan

We plan to provide solutions for visitors who:

  • We welcome everyone to participate in the VIC, this includes alternative language programing during the VIC, please use our contact form to express an interest in providing content.
  • speak other languages, we will be actively monitoring visitors to our website and adding languages to support multiple visitors from those areas. For example, we have added French, Spanish, and Portuguese, (which we have people actively improvising the translations) as well as other languages.
  • are visually impaired, by providing tools to make the website easier to read by selecting a larger font or increasing the contrast of the website.
  • anyone with suggestions to improve our accessibility are welcome to use the contact form to submit suggestions that we will strive to adapt.

Other Tools

You can access page readers here:

For More Information

If you have questions or comments please contact the VIC staff through the contact form below.