Operation Virtual Shield – JTF2

Marines and… Operators… (Yes SFMC AND SFSO)!

Operation Virtual Shield is another task being asked of us by the Virtual IC (VIC). This time, they require moderators on three different platforms. To that end, I am activating Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) – to assemble, prepare for, and execute this mission.

BGN David Ferber is now designated as JTF2 Commander. You may reach him for any questions via [email protected]

A total of up to 84 man hours are needed, across three platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and GatherTown. You will be able to sign up for one hours time slots, on a given platform (you may sign up for several, but each is reserved by 1 hour slots). These time slots will range from Friday August 12, from 8PM to 11PM Eastern Time, and Saturday August 13th, from 12PM to 8PM Eastern time.

This will give us one to two people, per time slot, per platform. You can sign up for as many one hour slots as you feel you can support, and specify the platform you can watch on. To sign up, please use this form located here.

Marines and Operators – this is your first Joint Task Force. Go forth and keep our VIC safe from trolls, malcontents, and other belligerents. General Ferber, the command is yours!


Jeremy “Sideshow” Carsten

Major General,