Flag PromotionsCriteria for Flag Rank Promotions

Absent unusual and compelling circumstances, the following guidelines shall be followed for a candidate to be considered for promotion to the flag ranks of Captain/Colonel and above.

1. Eligibility.

A. No candidate for promotion shall be considered qualified for promotion unless, in addition to the criteria set forth, said candidate shall have successfully graduated from STARFLEET Academy’s Officer Training School and Officer Command College. Also, the nominee must have a letter of recommendation from an RC (preferably their own but will accept from any RC. This requirement is waived if the nominator is an RC.).

B. Except as presented herein, all promotions will be a one-grade promotion within the established rank structure as set forth in the current STARFLEET Membership Handbook.

C. Except as set forth in Section II below, a member must meet the following minimum “Time in Grade” to be eligible for promotion to the rank listed:

  • Captain/Colonel. In STARFLEET continuously for 18 months.
  • Fleet Captain/Brigadier. In STARFLEET continuously for 21 months as a Captain/Colonel.
  • Commodore/Brigadier General. In STARFLEET continuously for 24 months as a Fleet Captain/Brigadier.
  • Rear Admiral/Major General. In STARFLEET continuously for 24 months as a Commodore/Brigadier. General.
  • Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General In STARFLEET continuously for 30 months as a Rear Admiral/Major General.
  • Admiral/General In STARFLEET continuously for 36 months as a Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General.

D. In no event shall there be more than two (2) promotions to any successive Command Ranks within a twelve (12) month period.


II. Positions of Notable Responsibility within STARFLEET

A member who has been elected or appointed to one of these specific positions will receive the following corresponding promotion, subject to the terms specified in Section I, with the exception of sub-section C and D, provided they are not already a higher rank. All promotions based on a position of responsibility in STARFLEET are considered field promotions until the member enters their 13th month of satisfactory service in said position.

A. Chapter Presidents (Chapter CO): The Commanding Officer of a chapter shall be promoted to the rank of Captain regardless of their length of membership in STARFLEET. The promotion is given by the Chief of Operations, upon a successful submission of a Vessel Registry Request or successful official Change of Command form bearing the appropriate signature.

B. Regional Coordinators (RC): Upon election to the office of Regional Coordinator, the individual shall be promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain by the Commander, STARFLEET.

C. Executive Committee Members (EC): Person holding the rank of Fleet Captain will be promoted to the minimum rank of Commodore by the Commander, STARFLEET. Executive Committee members include:

  • Chief of Operations
  • Chief of Communications
  • Chief of Educational Services
  • Chief of Computer Operations
  • Chief Finance Officer

D. Vice Commander, STARFLEET (VCS): An individual elected to the position of Vice Commander, STARFLEET shall be promoted to the minimum rank of Rear Admiral by the Commander, STARFLEET.

E. Commander, STARFLEET (CS): An individual elected to the position of Commander, STARFLEET shall be promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral.

F. Acting Commander, STARFLEET: An individual who obtains the position of Commander, STARFLEET through attrition, shall be promoted to the rank of Admiral. After six (6) months of service as Acting Commander, STARFLEET, said individual shall be awarded the rank of Fleet Admiral.

G. The Promotions Director must be notified of all notable responsibility promotions. The Promotions Director will remit the promotion certificate to the affected parties.


III. Extraordinary Service

For extraordinary service to STARFLEET, a member may be nominated for promotion six (6) months ahead of the Time in Grade schedule in Section I. Qualifications for “Extraordinary Service” promotion shall include, but are not limited to:
*Performed actions above and beyond the normal scope of their position that benefits:

  • The nominee’s Chapter
  • The nominee’s Region
  • STARFLEET as a whole


IV. Reduction in Rank

In the event an individual attained a promotion to accept either a Commanding Officer, Regional Coordinator position or an Executive Committee position, and steps down/removed within 12 months of taking office, their rank shall revert to their prior permanent rank. Founding Commanding Officers of Chapters shall be the only person allowed to reduce this 12-month period. They may do so by applying up to six months of their time served as a chapter-in-training Commanding Officer towards their time. Reduction in field grade rank must be reported to the Promotions Director via the Reduction in Rank (RIR) Form.


V. Promotion Packet (Promotion Request)

The information provided on the Promotion Request form and submitted with the Promotion Packet by the Promotions Director, determines whether the nominee is promoted or not. Some information carries more weight than others. Membership in STARFLEET for a number of years, the completion of numerous STARFLEET Academy courses, adequate chapter service, might be sufficient for promotion to Captain or Fleet Captain. To be considered for promotion to the higher ranks requires a greater service record. Service to the Region and Fleet are imperative.
Completing STARFLEET Academy courses, outside hobbies and activities that are not Fleet related, while commendable, carry little weight. The successful Promotion Packet must paint a picture of what they have done at a local, regional, and Fleet level.

In every case of requesting a field-grade promotion, the nominee should have served their chapter well. With each progression in rank, there should be a greater level of activity at the Region and Fleet level. It is the duty of the nominator to submit proof of service such as newspaper articles, certificates of awards from the Region and/or Fleet, etc. In order to facilitate the promotion process, it is recommended the Chapter Commanding Officers should keep detailed personnel files on their officers and crew. Regional Coordinator are advised to do likewise with Chapter Commanding Officers and their Regional Staff. STARFLEET has grown too large to be cognizant of the activities of every member. There must be documentation.

If the recommendation/letter of endorsement for consideration of promotion is a paragraph or less, the nomination will not be considered.


VI. Processing of Nominations

Members may be nominated for promotion by applying either through the US Postal service, email, or online promotion nomination form. Nominations are accepted from any STARFLEET member in good standing.

All nominations for promotion shall be submitted to the STARFLEET Promotions Director. The Promotions Director will promptly forward the nominee’s name to their Regional Coordinator and the nominee’s commanding officer, informing them that the individual has been nominated for a field grade promotion.

The Promotions Director, upon receiving a Promotion Packet, shall send it to the members of the Executive Committee. At that time discussion will take place for promoting/not promoting the individual. The Executive Committee members have 14 days to return a vote (Aye, Nay, or Abstaining). If an Executive Member does not vote within the allotted time frame (14 days), they are considered Absent. An Abstain vote or Absent will not be counted in that promotion vote. Upon reaching a majority vote, the Promotions Director shall notify the Executive Committee of the outcome and then the individuals involved in the promotion nomination process (nominator, nominee, nominee’s CO, and nominee’s RC).


VII. Notification of Results

All nominators and/or nominees will receive, in a timely manner, written or email confirmation of the acceptance or denial of the proposed promotion by the Promotions Director.

a) If the result is a denial of promotion, the letter will contain the reason(s). It will not contain, the individual vote of each EC member, nor will individual votes be related verbally. The EC voting record will remain sealed unless ordered open by the Commander, STARFLEET.

b) The Promotion Director will also notify the nominee’s CO and RC or either their new rank or the denial of rank.


VIII. Appeals in the Event of a Refusal to Approve a Promotion

To appeal a denial of promotion, a formal letter or email, must be sent to the Promotions Director.

A formal request appealing the decision shall be made by either the nominee or nominator. It should contain a second Promotion Packet with additional information or documentation to support reconsideration of the decision. Further endorsements should be collected before the appeal is sent and included in the new promotion request.

+All appeals must be filled within 30 days following the notification of promotion denial sent by the Promotions Director.

+All appeals shall contain the initial information given for consideration, as well as any further documentation necessary to show just cause for overturning the decision.

The appeal will be forwarded to the STARFLEET Promotions Director who will then forward the appeal to the EC for final discussion and vote. The nominee will receive notification of the receipt of the appeal (by letter or email). After a decision has been made, the nominee will receive notification of the outcome. All appeals are considered final. Should the appeal be denied, the nominee must wait six (6) months before they are eligible to be submitted for promotion.


IX. Dispositions of the Promotion Packets

All Promotion Packets will be retained by the Promotions Director. At the beginning of the new calendar year, all previous year’s Promotion Packets will be sent to the STARFLEET Archives.
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